The Tomorrow Show

The Tomorrow Show

This year, WWF’s Earth Hour turns 10. So who better to talk about climate change than 10-year-olds who were born in the year it all began? Watch their own charming version of a morning news show: The Tomorrow Show! Tomorrow’s news, today.

The Tomorrow Show - Tomorrow’s Environment Report

Vanvij and Julia, hosts of the Tomorrow Show, bring in reef expert Natalia and forestry expert Adelaide, who talk about how climate change is affecting our Great Barrier Reef and what we can do with our forests.

The Tomorrow Show - Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast

Our hosts Vanvij and Julia introduce James, our bee guru who is an expert on bees and climate change.

Weatherman Zeke will then present a weather report from the future.

The Tomorrow Show - Tomorrow’s Food Predictions

Hosts Vanvij and Julia cross over to Bailey who tells us what we need to do to slow down global warming, followed by Holly and Mariah who show us how climate change could affect the pancakes of the future!