Earth Hour for Kids

Some great games, activities and ideas for kids to do this Earth Hour

Six great Earth Hour activities for kids 


1. Watch some Earth Hour videos

2. Freaky Faces – make sure you’ve got a torch; sit in a circle, and using a torch, see who can make the scariest face!

3. Scare Bear – stand in a circle, someone is ‘in’, everyone else turns their backs to the person who’s in so they are facing out. The person who’s in has to try and scare the other people, one at a time, and the person who screams the loudest loses.

4. Hide and Sneak – decide who’s in. That person counts to 20 with their eyes shut and everyone else hides. While the person who is in looks around the house, the people hiding have to sneak to a different spot.  If they get caught they have to help look for the others. Everybody has to sneak at least once.  The first person to get caught loses is the next person to be ‘in’.

5. Ready, set…sardines – it’s the reverse of hide and seek. The person who’s ‘in’ has to go and hide while everybody else counts to 20 with their eyes shut. Then everyone goes in search of the hider. Once the hider is found, each person who finds them must squeeze like a sardine into the same hiding spot, being careful not to make any noise. The first person to find the hider is the next person to be ‘in’.

6. A shadow puppet show – Find a blank wall or set up a white sheet with some candles or torches behind. The kids can practice their shadow puppet hands and use sticks/leaves, etc, and make up stories that they know. Go online before the night begins to get some instructions on how to do shadow puppets.

This year’s theme – Join The Future


This year’s theme is about how our actions today will have a big impact on our future planet. 

You could spend Earth Hour at an outdoor place you love like the beach, the local park or even your backyard or balcony to have a discussion about what the future will be like, and the clean and green world we want for our future.

Which 10 things that we know now will change in future, and what will we need to get there? The possibilities are endless - driverless electric cars, a robot dispenser for all our meals, all our electricity is powered by the earth, wind, and sun; and smart cities where we can roller-skate anywhere!

Earth Hour Arts and Crafts Activities


Click on the images below to access Earth Hour animal mask kit, how to make your own Earth Hour lanterns and colouring-in activity.