Earth Hour for Business

How to get your business or organisation taking part in Earth Hour

Seven tips for businesses to engage with Earth Hour in 2017


Switch off your lights during Earth Hour and letting the world know by adding your logo to the Earth Hour Wall.


Host an Earth Hour event for staff – perhaps a morning tea in the week before Earth Hour in March (20th-24th). We’re keen to talk to employees and businesses about how everyone can make a difference. Please contact us if you are interested in having an Earth Hour speaker.


Promote your participation in Earth Hour through your social media channels, newsletters and website. Register on the Earth Hour website and ask for a Corporate Pack (cost is $100 plus postage). We’ll send out our Earth Hour cookbook and two Earth Hour T-Shirts.


Invite staff and customers to take part in Earth Hour events listed on our website. They can even host an event themselves. Alternatively employees can participate with family and friends in their neighbourhoods by searching for Earth Hour events taking place in their local area.


Alternatively employees can participate with family and friends in their neighbourhoods. Our website has plenty of ideas including games for the kids and adults to play by candlelight, as well as recipes to cook, documentaries to watch and fun ways to engage with neighbours.


Encourage staff, customers and tenants to take simple actions that can make a difference at home and in the workplace. See our ‘handy hints’ guide.


Support this year's theme by getting employees out into nature during the month of March and over the Earth Hour weekend. 

Click here to download a printable Earth Hour tip-sheet for business.

We're keen to talk to businesses and employees about how everyone can make a difference. Let us know you’re interested and get in touch with the team through Monica Richter (mrichter [at]

Download an Earth Hour poster to put up at your business or workplace.